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201 Barbara Strozzilaan
Amsterdam-Zuid, NH, 1083 HN

+31 (0)20 240 2500

Nimsys installs and manages IP networks for companies and business centers. In addition to networks, we focus on providing Internet and VoIP telephony to the tenants of buildings under our IT management. We can also provide a variety of other IT services.

Customer Stories #8 - Van Rooij & Van Donk Advocaten

EN Customer Stories

Customer Stories #8 - Van Rooij & Van Donk Advocaten


Van Rooij & Van Donk Advocaten have two locations; one in Zeist and one in HNK The Hague (in which we manage the ICT services). They have been Nimsys customers since 2015.
Lawyer & Owner, Stephanie van Donk, recalled her various experiences of working with Nimsys

"From the first moments of operation, I was felt very positively about Nimsys.
I was able to step into my office and start working right away because the network was already operational and ready for use. Nimsys is extremely accessible. When I called then, I was able to speak to someone immediately, which I find very assuring. Nimsys is always helpful. "

"I had to send a fax to the court but for reasons unbeknownst to me, it did not work. It was after office hours, however, I still reached out to Nimsys. I got my permanent contact person on the line, who traced and corrected the problem promptly. Luckily, the court received my fax within the deadline! This really confirmed to me that I was working with a very reliable & trustworthy IT specialist!"

"While moving to another floor in the building, I knew I could also count on Nimsys to help with the transition. They had our phone line diverted to the new office, and the network temporarily operating at both locations. We were able to continue to working until the move was fully completed, ensuring that we were accessible to clients and all third parties."

"For all those reason, I am very happy with Nimsys!”