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201 Barbara Strozzilaan
Amsterdam-Zuid, NH, 1083 HN

+31 (0)20 240 2500

Nimsys installs and manages IP networks for companies and business centers. In addition to networks, we focus on providing Internet and VoIP telephony to the tenants of buildings under our IT management. We can also provide a variety of other IT services.

Customer Stories #3 - DoubleDutch

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Customer Stories #3 - DoubleDutch


DoubleDutch is the leading provider of mobile applications for events, conferences, associations and trade shows worldwide. DoubleDutch makes it easy for event organizers to create a branded, engaging event experience for attendees, and demonstrate ROI to event stakeholders like never before. Create memorable events and easily quantify the value of your events with a DoubleDutch mobile app today. 

“In the summer of 2015 we were moving, and we saw that as a perfect opportunity to switch to a new Internet / VoIP provider. We had been unhappy with our previous provider, as they were located far away from our office and we always incurred extra costs to receive support. There was nobody in our service area that could come assist us quickly with technical issues. We were often forced to solve problems ourselves with the help of telephone support. 

With our move coming up, we wanted everything to run smoothly. Our hope was to unplug the old office, and walk right into a 'plug and play' setup in the new office. Nimsys fulfilled our expectations, and we didn’t have to worry about anything.

Even after the move, we are still very satisfied with Nimsys’ service. If something isn't working properly, or if we have any IT related questions, they’re only one phone call away and usually arrive at our door within an hour to solve the issue. We're very happy!