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201 Barbara Strozzilaan
Amsterdam-Zuid, NH, 1083 HN

+31 (0)20 240 2500

Nimsys installs and manages IP networks for companies and business centers. In addition to networks, we focus on providing Internet and VoIP telephony to the tenants of buildings under our IT management. We can also provide a variety of other IT services.

Customer Stories #10 - Stichting Nieuw Thuis Rotterdam

EN Customer Stories

Customer Stories #10 - Stichting Nieuw Thuis Rotterdam


Stichting Nieuw Thuis Rotterdam (SNTR) is aiming to provide 200 Syrian families with a residence permit & a new home in Rotterdam. The goal is to help them integrate into Dutch society as quickly as possible.

NTR offers an intensive program, which consists of a home rental, accelerated language course, getting to know the neighborhood and city, as well as guidance towards appropriate (voluntary) work and / or education.

Stichting Nieuw Thuis Rotterdam | foto: Dennis Wisse

Stichting Nieuw Thuis Rotterdam | foto: Dennis Wisse

Our team member, Timothy, paid a visit to Stichting Nieuw Thuis Rotterdam and spoke with Anita Meessen, the Housing Team Coordinator to gain her insights on working with Nimys.

How was your first experience with Nimsys when you arrived at HNK Rotterdam?

"It was good! They are always available to help us in hectic times of need at the office. They are never in the way when they come to our office. They work efficiently and smoothly. In addition, we can always ask them questions. They are very thorough with their work and are easily reached via e-mail and telephone. We get clear support instructions and they work well. They don’t mess around!"

Anita was sad to say that Nimsys does not always have a physical presence in the building, and would be happy to see us there everyday! Fortunately, this has now changed since Brian, our newest team member, is available at HNK Rotterdam 5 days a week.